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. upper 20s and low 30s, with patchy fog in the north bay. 29 in napa. 28 in santa rosa and 35 in san jose. we will have sunshine. not shorts weather down here in the south bay. 59 in san jose. we've got the spare the air alert in effect. it will be hazy out there. but an awesome afternoon. temperatures will rebound 30 degrees. 58 in palo alto. for the east bay, this will be the toughest spot to see the temperatures rise. a lot of the cold air from the morning is going to get trapped in the tri valley. and 58 in the castro valley. for san francisco, topping out at 60. oakland, 59. berkeley, 59. and santa rosa going up to 61. on your three-day forecast, we have sunny weather, wednesday, thursday and friday. by friday, 64 degrees. then, it's going to get warmer as we head throughout saturday and sunday. nice, sweet stride coming our way with 66 degrees. as we head throughout sunday, a few 70s possible. upper 60s inland. i know. i can hear everybody cheering at the tv back at home. yeah. all right. that's good news, jeff. as we head throughout sunday. the coastline, a little offshore wind cou
morning. okay. this is cold no matter what your standards are. 34 in santa rosa. 33 in livermore. and 39 in san jose. a cold spot in gilroy. close to the 20s across parts of the bay area. if you've been on vacation. let's say you're coming back tonight and getting ready tomorrow. most critical spots will see patchy forecast are the areas in purple. for the north bay, all of the interior valleys. also, back for all of the trivalley and for the south bay. that's where we'll have widespread 20s and 30s. if you haven't covered up the plants, they likely suffered some damage. and please remember the pets. they need to come inside, as well. tomorrow morning, some things you want to think about before you get in the car. and start that engine. usually need about three-times the normal amount of distance to stop if you hit a patch of ice. make sure you keep plenty of distance between you and the car in front of you. if you hit ice, brake gently to avoid skidding. and be careful over our bridges and overpasses. those tend to freeze first. we're not expecting widespread icing. but it's something t
's cold. 37 in santa rosa. 34, napa. down into san jose, 42. 42 in napa. let's take you outside to our live hd camera. there it is in the center, it's like a film sitting right across the silicon valley. that's the poor air quality. high pressure is slapping all of that pollution down to the surface. san francisco, it's brilliant, and for tomorrow, you can bet one amazing sunset coming our way. while the pollution has been bad, probably for your eyes, making your cough, all that stuff, it's going to provide quite a bit of color in the atmosphere. >> tomorrow, going to be hazy. a lot of sunshine, not only for saturday, but sunday and monday. and in fact for tomorrow, we're going to get in on 70 degree weather for a few spots you may not expect, at least this time of year. santa cruz going to 71. that's right, for saturday. 6 to 7 degrees above our averages, and it's not going to be the warmest day ever in january. that was 83 degrees set back in 1920, but it's going to be warm. 30 in santa rosa to start, 31 in napa, and 38 in los gatos, and 38 in santa cruz but climbing into incident. a
. 34 in santa rosa. for the first time in several nights, no 20s on the board. that's the large news. high pressure building offshore. that's going to continue to warm us up as we head throughout the next two days. it's not going to get hot. a little on the warm side, but for most of us it's going to be mild, yes, with a lot of sunshine. a lot of us are going to be thawing out throughout the next couple of days. let's look at who could hit 70 degrees throughout saturday. saratoga from 66 today to 70 on saturday. santa cruz from 61 to 70. even san jose could pop up to an estimated 68 by the first part of your weekend. tomorrow morning it will be chilly, upper 20s and low 30s with areas of patchy frost in the north bay and east bay. 34 in san jose. al slightly warmer in the morning. throughout the afternoon we'll see daytime highs top out in mid-60s. hazy sunshine. 64 in santa rosa. about a 30-degree jump from the after. 63 in san jose. time for the toyota tahoe report. latest conditions at sqauw valley. temperatures in the upper 30s and a lot of snow to go skiing. snow base at 68 inch
, 45 in san jose. our coldest spot the north bay, santa rosa at 37. this is where we're going to find our coldest locations tonight with a little frost possible tomorrow morning and a few 20s. we're clear for the most part and will stay clear. temperatures will be similar to where we were today, a few 60s and 70s and that poor air quality is going to continue to suffer because we have been dealing with warm weather, unusual for this time of year. the toyota tahoe ski report this evening, squaw favalley checkin in with 40 inches. and squaw meadow, 66 inches. if you are taking time to head up to the tahoe area, bundle up. even across the bay area tonight, temperatures are going to be cold everywhere you go. some of our coldest locations again there in the north bay, even in the east bay, 29 in concord, livermore as well. tomorrow another bright day but we're starting off cold. it's going to be one of those days where we peak with our temperatures around noon and 1:00. santa cruz, you'll be at 66 and half moon bay will top out very close to 70 degrees tomorrow. the mavericks festival, we
our show. for tuesday, we're going to see daytime highs, 65 in santa rosa. 67 in san jose. cooler in the east bay with 60 degrees for you. still expecting 70 in santa cruz, where you won't get in on this cooldown until we head into wednesday. that's when we'll get the chance of showers coming our way. for thursday and friday, temperatures continuing to cool off with 60s coming back into the mix. then as we head throughout saturday and sunday, a chance of showers in the forecast for this upcoming weekend. no big storms in the next seven days. just need to keep that umbrella handy. so one more day of this awesome weather at the coastline, and then things start to get back to reality for this time of the year. >> i looked up, i saw jupiter and the moon earlier tonight. >> we have skylights? here? >> well -- [ laughter ] >> you mean outside. >> we're back in a moment. [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or why it doesn't have to be an adventure to stick to your new year's budget. because safeway gives you real big club card deals each week. right now, a c
valley. cooler back towards fairfield. see three in san francisco and 64 degrees in santa rosa. first two days of the week look nice. staying dry for you're out door plans wednesday. stay tuned. could see a few rain drops there into early thursday. and thursday afternoon into friday, looks nice and dry. and then next weekend, stay tuned. that looks like the best bet foreseeing some rain and cooler temperatures. could see highs next weekend. upper 40s and low 50s. at least that's my forecast. maybe i should ask janelle what she thinks because she's extremely accurate of late. >> spectacular. football fortune teller, we're talking about our own janelle wang for the second 49ers game in a row she predicted the win and point spread. listen to this from our friday at 6:00 newscast. >> we're going to listen and las vegas is going to listen. >> i think it's going to be tighter because they're away. and the falcons have a fierce offense but i think the 9ers, oh, drum roll, the 9ers are going to win by four. four against atlanta. >> by four? >> four. >> okay. seriously? really? comcast sports bett
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7